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This is a description of the foundational themes of the Ministry.  Throughout the year, VCC will focus the teachings.  These Bible Studies will enhance your understanding of God's Word.  These sessions is the fuel for spiritual formation and transformation.  Check out the teaching in the Media link above.

Leadership Clinic

The Kingdom of God is in search of highly effective leaders. This type of leader understands the importance of taking people to places they may not be willing to go. Leadership is God's method for influencing people in Godly ways.

Discipleship Clinic

It is all about being formed into the image and likeness of God in every area of life. A disciple is a disciplined learner. How do you govern yourself as a Kingdom citizen and are you saving souls to multiple and duplicate the process?

Vision  Clinic

Where there is no vision the people perish.  When we live life visionless, our society suffers. We must become three generation thinkers and transfer Godly knowledge to the second and third generation.

Faith Clinic

Without faith, it impossible to please God.  Want to live a life that's pleasing to God, then you need the Faith Clinic.  God gave us faith to use it for the thing's He want to happen in the earth. The force of faith is what changes lives.

Finance Clinic

Say it, God wants me to prosper.  God desires that you prosper in every area of life.  Property is not a four-letter word, it is the way God funnels His blessing through you to help others. We give with a happy heart.

Prayer Clinic

Prayer simply stated is talking to God. There are different types of prayer. This clinic will teach you various ways of prayer so that you will learn to pray the Word. God's Word when spoken in faith prospers where it is sent.

Ministry of Helps

This is a must if you intend on being involved in the Ministry. The Ministry of Helps is the glue that holds us together.  We maintain a no one works alone philosophy and everyone should be training someone mind-set.


Additional information coming soon.