Our Story

How We Started

Since graduating from the School of Ministry at Crenshaw Christian Center, Pastors Dana and Cheryl Everage, in 2005 by the leading of the Holy Spirit and several conversations packed up and moved from Los Angeles to the best city in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada.  From the home of friends, they flew from L.A. to Vegas for six months conducting a weekly bible study.
In January 2006, they began driving to Vegas twice a month to conduct a Sunday evening service in their home.  By June of 2006 they were packing up and making their final move to make Las Vegas their permanent residence.
In the early stages of transition, they began holding services in a small hotel in the northwest part of town.  When the hotel started treating us funny, we quickly realized that we needed a more stable location. So we moved to a banquet hall near Charleston and Rainbow.  It was in this location that we were able to get an office suite and a more stable place for holding services.  After about three years there, again it was time to move.
We found a location on Craig Road near Simmons in North Las Vegas. We have been in this spot the longest. We were able to expand and have a good place for the children to have classes, offices, a sanctuary, and space for all our needs.  It was at this location that God laid on Pastor's heart a vision for helping other developing churches.  The current space is shared with two Spanish speaking churches.
Additionally, relationships have been formed with a local elementary school where VCC has had volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and tutoring.  We have served the community by sponsoring several Church in the Park events, Christmas Food Drive, Men's Health Awareness Seminar at the Pearson Community Center.  
We have sponsored Community Outreach to children using puppets, games, and fun activities. We have partnered with Save the City and participated in community clean-up projects. We have done volunteer work with the Convoy of Hope and feeding the community with _____

Expanding The Vision

In 2017 a re-launch of the ministry was conducted. It was a big push to get visitors and  more people into the Ministry.  We conducted leadership training for those interested in Helps Ministry, we painted the interior of the church, and change the overall image.  One day when upon looking into the congregation we faced a new reality that the majority of people were women. Upon seeking the Lord about this discovery, God began dealing with Pastor Everage which become Chaplain Everage, and we discovered where a large majority of men were located.  God began a new Ministry in terms of taking the Word of God into the prisons.  God said, "all my people need the Word, just teach the Word and I will build the Church for you."

Where We're Headed

Then came the Corona Virus, better known as Covid-19.  In light of the 2020 Pandemic, the way church is done has dramatically changed.  The church world has changed, and we began live streaming the midweek service from the home.  We learned a lot from the experience. Most importantly, we learned to focus on teaching God's Word. The Lord has truly sustained Vegas Christian Center in this season.  We are believing God for the next step in our growth and development. We want to invite you to come and fellowship us at any of our public services.
And so, the story continues.  We are facing another hurdle in the coming years. Please keep Vegas Christian Center in your prayers.  We remain committed and dedicated to fulfilling the vision.  We are strong in the Lord, and we can do all things through Christ who empowers us from within to achieve every mandate. 

Come and be part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather for praise & worship at 9:30 am and the teaching of God's Word at 10:00 am. Or streaming Wednesdays at 7:30 pm.