Vision & Mission

Building, Advancing, and Manifesting the Kingdom of God in Your Life

The Vision

The vision of Vegas Christian Center is to
Build, Advance, and Manifest the Kingdom of God in the life of God's creation living in Las Vegas, the Nation, and the World.

The Mission

The mission of Vegas Christian Center is to help humanity to see things from God's perspective, to raise up leaders who influence humanity and save souls, and to transform humanity into the image and likeness of Christ, in every area of life mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially.

General Overview of God's Mandates for Vegas Christian Center

Who We Are

We strive to create a DNA Culture founded upon three pillars:  Vision, Leadership, and Discipleship. Our culture is about helping people see from God's perspective. Our culture is about helping people become leaders in God's Kingdom. Our culture uses leadership to help disciple people so that they can be fully formed into the image and likeness of God.

What We Do

The Leadership Pipeline is what we do to empower people to enter the development process. It is our objective to teach people how to apply biblical principles to influence spiritual maturity, growth, and formation. The application of God's Word is fostered when we create a safe environment to experience noble failure.

What's Different

No one works alone. Teamwork is where discipleship happens. It's in building working relationships with a common vision and purpose you experience spiritual growth. Teams are responsible for developing the plans for reaching visitors and that fuels church growth.  It is everyone's responsibility to tell two people about the Lord or bring them to Vegas Christian Center every week.

The Bigness of God's Mandates

Click below to receive a detailed copy of the mandates that God wants Vegas Christian Center to fulfill.  These details will expand on the general overview as stated above.  This document is the heart and passion of Pastors Dana and Cheryl Everage.  They are serious about helping you to become all that God intended for you to be in His Kingdom. Click below and download your copy of the Ministry Mandates.

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